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Origin: UP and Haryana
Size: 9 X 4 X 3 inches
Compressive Strength: Minimum 7.5 N/mm2
Minimum quantity: 6000

Fly ash Bricks are eco-friendly products used to construct buildings. It is also called "Pulverised ash brick (PAB)," which converts industrial waste into quality building materials. The technology is currently well-established in converting thermal power plant waste into bricks. These bricks are machine-made & uniform in shape and size, having greater compressive strength. Therefore, there is no variation in the size of the bricks & requires less mortar.

Fly Ash Bricks are lighter in weight, reducing the dead load on structures and the manufacturing process is also faster than the conventional clay bricks and can be manufactured throughout the year. The best thing is that you can avail the best fly ash bricks prices with BUILDIFY.

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Fly ash bricks are usually made from industrial waste like fly ash, gypsum & lime, and a few other raw materials. These are being used across the world for the several advantages they provide.

  1. 1. Fly ash bricks are an eco-friendly building material because they don't require any external input (like water) to be manufactured.
  2. 2. Fly ash bricks resist moisture and decay better than traditional bricks, making them ideal for use in areas with high humidity or frequent rains.
  3. 3. Fly Ash brick also has good thermal insulation properties, making them suitable for use in colder climates where conventional brick construction wouldn't be appropriate.
  4. 4. They are super durable with extremely high compressive strength. They break less during transportation, hence lower wastage.
  5. 5. They are stronger sound insulators and highly fire resistant.
  6. 6. Fly ash bricks can be used in a variety of applications, from residential to commercial construction. They are also easy to cut and shape, making them a great choice for custom projects.

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