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...more than a building material company

BUILDIFY is a Digital First, company that focuses on using technology to build and optimize value in the structural building material value chain. It is a Gurgaon-based building materials company that uses the latest technology and technique to manufacture Bricks, Blocks, and Interlocking Pavers of the finest quality.

BUILDIFY aims at supporting construction companies by creating a financially viable model. The company emphasizes the online procurement process and bringing parity and transparency in pricing to change the way Real estate & construction companies in India operate today. BUILDIFY is the premium manufacturer and preferred sourcing partner of PMC Companies, Engineers, Architects, and Contractors Empowered by a team of Engineers, Business Development Managers, Architects, and Designers.

With the help of a dedicated retail distribution center and Transportation Management technologies, BUILDIFY provides a Magical Model of 'SAME DAY DELIVERY' for construction materials (up to 95% of orders).

About Us
About Us


We provide one stop solution in construction materials. Every member of Buildify is committed & driven in their areas of work and responsibilities to make this vision a reality.


We plan, assess and sell with utmost professionalism. We are always open to taking advice and welcome people with knowledge and expertise in making us better.

We are Committed, Honest, Sincere and We are One!!

Director's Desk

Rajeev Rana - Founder Buildify

Mr. Rajeev Rana

Founder and Promoter

Mr. Rajeev Rana is a corporate strategist & Tech enthusiast with sixteen years of experience of working in Construction material industry & Hospitality, who values innovative concepts, Expertise in driving end to end Business development through establishing meaningful collaborations. He completed his MBA in Business Management from New Delhi Institute of Management (2004-06) New Delhi.

He is the Founder and CEO at "Rana Infra Projects Pvt Ltd", a Gurugram based company focused on solving intractable problems in the construction and real estate sectors. Established the largest online & offline platform for home owners, Builders, Architects and Interior designers which is making home building experience immensely smooth and hassle-free.

Rana Infra Projects successfully running magical model promises “Same day delivery” for construction materials (up to 95% of orders) through a network of our dedicated retail distribution centre and Transportation Management technologies which reduces the processing time in deliveries under brand name BUILDIFY (www.buildify.co.in)

Also, he is driving to contribute to a greener world and on a mission is to stop Single use plastic which is either land filled or ends up polluting streams which is especially prone to contamination & established the brand Re-PLAST (www.replast.co.in) and serving construction industry by Eco friendly Pavers, Blocks & Bricks.

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